What Does “Pin Conversation” Mean on Snapchat?

You may have some friends who you text or communicate with regularly. Pinning your best friends via chat is useful and saves time during our daily routine. But what does a pinned conversation on Snapchat mean? An overview of pinned conversations on Snapchat The pinned conversation will always appear at the top of your chat … Read more

How To Change Location on Facebook

Facebook can access your location through your IP address, your device’s location, and its activities. Through your location, Facebook can then personalize your experience, but sometimes you want to tweak these settings and change your location. Fortunately, this is possible, and regardless of whether you want to change your location on Facebook, there are different … Read more

How to Post Memories on Instagram

Instagram recently introduced a Memories feature for its followers that reminds them of a post that is a year or more old. You will receive a reminder in the notifications tab to “see a post on a certain day”. Even though there are no default settings for resharing a post, you can still share a … Read more

How to Photo Reply on Instagram?

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How to Merge Instagram and Messenger?

The feature we’re about to discuss arrived in 2020, so if you’re late to the party, it’s better than never. However, this feature integrates Instagram and Messenger to allow seamless messaging across these platforms. With this update, Meta is one step closer to integrating and unifying its messaging platforms for better user experiences. If you … Read more

How to Hide Photos Liked by Me on Facebook

With growing privacy concerns on social media platforms, it’s understandable if you want to hide your activity from people. On Facebook, when you like photos and comments, anyone can see what you’ve done as long as your profile is public. People who see your likes can use them to create personal information about you, but … Read more

How to Hide Liked Videos on TikTok?

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How to Log Out of LinkedIn?

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How to Post Multiple Photos on LinkedIn?

Despite being a professional platform, LinkedIn is becoming more visible with every passing moment. Initially, LinkedIn users could only post one photo at a time. But that has changed. So, how do you post multiple photos on LinkedIn? Add multiple photos to LinkedIn As of 2017, LinkedIn users have a feature that allows them to … Read more

How To turn Off Autoplay on Twitter

Twitter is the largest microblogging platform, with over three hundred million users worldwide. You can post a video or GIF as a Tweet and make sure people engage with the video after watching it. However, if you are the recipient, you may have seen these videos and GIFs playing automatically on your device. This is … Read more