Why Do People Use Snapchat?

Have you ever wondered Why do people use Snapchat on their mobile phones? Snapchat is an app that empowers people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together.

It’s the easiest and fastest way to communicate the full range of human emotions with your friends without the pressure to be popular, beautiful, or perfect.

Why Do People Use Snapchat on Their Phones?

Snapchat initially focused on private, person-to-person photo sharing, but now you can use it for a variety of functions, including sending videos, live video chats, messaging, creating caricature-like Bitmoji avatars, and historical “story sharing.” can be used for which is broadcast to all your followers.

Snapchat has changed the way we communicate online. With Snapchat, you can quickly send a friend a picture of you with a rainbow-filled AR lens, and when they open it, it’s gone forever.

Some people say they prefer Snapchat over texting because they “want to be able to see you.” Because Snapchat is primarily used for exchanging pictures, they may care more about how you look than what you say. So if they really want to see the real you, they’ll FaceTime or try to ask you out.

What Does all the Lingo mean on Snapchat?

If you’re confused by all these terms, you should read the glossary section of this Snapchat guide first before learning how the app actually works.

Snapchatter: It’s not as common anymore, but it means a Snapchat user.

Snap: When you take a photo or video or receive a photo or video, it’s called a “snap.” So, when someone asks you to snap, they’re asking you to send a photo or video via Snapchat, or even send a message via the app’s chat function.

Snapback: This term was more popular when Snapchat started, but has since died out. Still, if you hear it, just know that it’s meant to be just a quick answer.

Story: You can link Snaps together and broadcast them as you capture them. They will appear as a “Story” reel to your followers.

Snapcode: Snapcode is a scannable code that makes adding new friends even easier. For example, a friend can flash their Snapchat camera at your snap code, which will instantly add you, requiring you to manually see their handle and hit the “Add” button.

Score: Have you ever noticed the number next to a friend’s handle on Snapchat? It’s a score — an equation that includes the number of Snaps they’ve sent and received, the stories they’ve posted, and other factors.

Snapstreak: Some of your friends or people you follow may have a different emoji next to their Snapchat name in the chat section of Snapchat. This means they are on a streak or snap streak with you.

Trophy Case: Snapchat can notify you of new trophies you’ve earned, and tapping the notification will take you to your Trophy Case, which lists those milestones. that you have acquired as a Snapchat user.

Lenses: You can have even more fun by adding augmented reality-based special effects and sounds with a feature called Lenses.

3D World Lens: Unlike lenses that are primarily placed on your face – or a selfie shot – World Lenses affect your surroundings in real-time. They appear in the same row as the lens, but only if your camera is facing outwards.

Filters: You can jazz up your snaps by adding fun overlays with filters. After taking a snap, swipe right or left on the preview screen to add color filters, current time, local weather, motion overlays, or filters to your photo or video.

Geofilters: Like filters, you can use filters to enhance a Snap. Unlike filters, however, filters are specific to your location or the events you attend.

Chat: This is a messaging feature within Snapchat that lets you chat directly with other users. You can access the chat section by swiping from left to right on the camera screen.

Final Words

Now you know why do people use Snapchat. It allows people to browse through Snapchat profiles of other singles or interact with potential dating prospects in a fun, unique way.