How to Invite People To Like a Facebook Page?

If you want to start promoting your business/event/cause/talent fast, you need to be able to get your social media pages in front of as many people as possible.

However, many of us are tempted to jump on the bandwagon and build our brands on social media. However, since all of us are not world famous Kylie Jenner, it becomes very difficult to find followers for our page on social media.

So it is important to know how to invite people to like your Facebook page. But how do we do that?

Importance of social media for business

The importance of social media can be gauged from how important it is in today’s age to establish your online presence to promote your business, cause or event. People all over the world spend most of their time browsing Facebook and watching videos and photos posted from anywhere in the world.

Companies building their profiles on social media and doing business online have encouraged online shopping to such an extent that most of us now prefer to shop online. In most cases, people have now also started shopping online.

Ads created by Facebook have forced many of us to buy products we never need. Sometimes, it feels like Facebook ads are specifically designed to target you by promoting a product that you don’t need in your life.

Promote your page on Facebook

Even as you establish yourself as an influencer in the gig economy, promoting your social media profiles is the first and most important step. Creating a vibrant and dynamic social media profile has become a legitimate form of freelancing around the world.

The best thing about starting your business on Facebook is that it is linked to Instagram and WhatsApp. This is because it allows you to reach more people.

How do you get people to like your Facebook page?
There are many ways you can get people to like or follow your Facebook page.

Facebook friends

You should always aim to start your social media journey by getting everyone on your profile to like and follow your Facebook page. You should do this by writing a personal and clever message so that your followers are interested in your initiative.

As you reach your contacts and build your following, it is very important that you start creating interesting and interesting posts to increase the interest of those who follow you.

This allows your Facebook followers to like your post, which then goes to their Facebook Activity page for their subsequent followers to see.

When you have enough content on your Facebook page that a new follower can scroll through your posts and understand what you’re doing without personal interpretation, you can get your existing followers to make your Facebook post their own. You can start encouraging sharing on pages.


Understandably, it can be difficult to gain organic followers by creating interesting and engaging posts while also encouraging people to share your pages.

So, there is a great opportunity to promote your Facebook page by getting the help of influencers who are already on Facebook.

In order for these influencers to endorse your Page or promote it on their profile, you may be required to provide financial compensation to these influencers.

In many cases, people send a sample of the product they are selling to open and try it on Facebook and then review it for their followers.


It is also possible to promote your Facebook page by purchasing the right to create sponsored ads that reach people who are not directly linked to your Facebook page.

Invite friends to like your page on Facebook.
Follow the steps below to invite your Facebook friends to like your Facebook page.

On the computer

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Facebook on your favorite browser.
  2. Click the “See More” button in the left navigation bar.
  3. Select “Pages”.
  4. Select your page under the “Your Pages” heading.
  5. Click the three dots below the cover image of the page.
  6. Select “Invite Friends”.
  7. Check the friends you want to invite.
  8. Click the “Send Invitation” button.

On the mobile application

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  2. Go to the Menu tab.
  3. Select “Pages”.
  4. Select your page in the “Pages you manage” section.
  5. Click the three dots below the cover image of the page.
  6. Select the “Invite Friends” option.
  7. Select all the friends you want to invite.
  8. Click the “Send Invitation” button.


Facebook pages are the starting point for many businesses in today’s world. This enables companies to reach a wider audience and market their products effectively. This article explains how you can invite people to like your Facebook page.