How to Change Reddit Theme?

Redesign your Reddit theme by switching from one theme to another. Reddit allows users to display their Reddit on a white or black background. But how can you do this?

Reddit Themes

Amazing stories and comments on Reddit keep us up until midnight.

While it’s fun to mindlessly scroll through these stories and enjoy a laugh or two, the whiteness of our screens makes scrolling unbearable.

Reddit didn’t design the default Reddit screen for nighttime scrolling.

Fortunately, you can choose a theme that’s easy on the eyes at sunset or sunrise.

How To Turn Your Reddit Black?

Our screens are part of our lives. We stare at them first thing in the morning and before we get dizzy. Most smartphone owners spend more than six hours a day looking at text or images on their screen.

That’s why we see a growing preference for dark mode.

The craze has even made its way to Reddit. As more and more Redditors turn on the dark mode option, Reddit is gradually changing from a white background to a dark background.

You can join the bandwagon by switching to Black Reddit. Here’s how to change the Reddit screen from white to black on different devices.

On the mobile application

To convert Reddit Black to mobile app, follow these steps:

  • Open the Reddit app on your mobile device. Launch the Reddit app.
  • Click on your avatar in the top right corner. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Settings”. Select Settings.
  • Scroll down to the Dark Mode section. Scroll down to the Dark Mode section.
  • Turn on the Dark Mode toggle. Turn on the Dark Mode toggle.
  • Reddit offers two different dark theme options: “Midnight (AMOLED)” and “Night.” The “AMOLED” theme is darker than the “Night” theme. It is completely black.

To change the dark theme, follow these steps:

Tap the “Dark Theme” button. Tap the Dark Theme button.
A small menu will appear with “Night” and “Midnight (AMOLED)” options. Choose your favorite topic. Choose your favorite topic.

On the browser version

Follow these steps to convert Reddit Black to desktop version:

  • Visit Reddit on your favorite browser. Open Reddit on a browser.
  • Click the down arrow near your username in the upper right corner. Click on the drop down menu icon.
  • Turn on the Dark Mode option in the Display Options section. Turn on the dark mode option.
  • You will get a comfortable browsing experience when dark mode is turned on. You can go back to a lighter form whenever you want.

Final words

If your eyes can’t handle the black and white of your Reddit feed, you can always switch to your favorite color. Reddit allows you to add Mint, Pink, Green and Black mods to Reddit.

While mint, pink and green colors brighten up your Reddit, black reduces the strain on your eyes while browsing interesting stories on the Reddit platform.

The Reddit app offers more theme options than the web version. The above steps will help you create a look that will always please your eyes.

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